How about some nice Animal Photos? But please cruelty-free!


How far can you go to get THE photo? Can you boost it with electronic image processing? Can you attract animals with food? Catch them? Torture them? If the analysis of many literally unbelievable animal photos on the Chinese website Weibo (translation here) is to be believed, the answer for some photographers is: YES!


© Shikhei Goh

How is it possible for a frog to show its middle finger? The red-eyed tree frog on display here doesn’t even have the muscles required to bend a finger like that. It seems natural that a string, afterwards masked out on the computer, helped out here.

5 Line

Whether the limbs were only tied up or pierced with a needle and brought into position by means of the string is hard to tell. Either way, for me it’s a case of animal abuse that brings nature photography into disrepute. Even more so, because this linked photo is only one out of many examples.

Should the author be right, and it looks quite like it, I wonder how a nature photographer can possibly have the heart to harm animals like that?

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