Rumours confirmed: SIGMA presents Mount-Conversion Service!


Over the last week of July, the gossip factory has been working overtime. The first rumour focused on a 24-70mm f/2 by Sigma. No, that’s no typo. After the 18-35mm f/1.8, Sigma is ready to stir up the FF format. Rumour has it we’ll have to wait until September 2014 (Photokina), that’s when the zoom will be officially presented. 😉 As for the second rumour, which addressed the mount conversion service for lenses, we didn’t even have to wait three whole days. Just when the rumour had been put out, the service was officially introduced. 😉


The service is subject to a charge and only encompasses the new lenses of the contemporary, art and sports product lines. For the time being, the mount conversion is said to be exclusively carried out in the Japanese plant in Aizu. Currently, the following lenses will be eligible for mount conversion: 35mm F1,4 DG HSM, 120-300mm F2,8 DG OS HSM, 30mm F1,4 DC HSM, 17-70mm F2,8-4 DC MAKRO OS HSM / DC MAKRO HSM, 18-35mm F1,8 DC HSM, 19mm F2,8 DN, 30mm F2,8 DN, 60mm F2,8 DN.

With DSLR-lenses, the mount may be conversed between Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Sigma and Sony, with mirrorless-lenses between mFT and Sony E-Mount.

The costs will be determined by lens type and include VAT as well as postage to Japan. Sigma states the following:

100,- € (for DN lenses – i.e. 19mm, 30mm, 60mm)

200,- € (i.e.. 35mm, 17-70mm)

325,- € (for large tele-zoom lenses – i.e. 120-300mm)

The service will be available from September 1st onwards. Currently, an overall duration of 4 weeks including shipping is expected.

I think that with more expensive lenses, such as the 120-300mm, the service costs carry no weight. Whether a change with cheaper lenses will be worthwhile yet remains to be seen.

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