The latest Trends: Cat Beard and Baby Mugging


The world never stands still, after hadoukening and vadering, new memes came into existence. Although cat beard is no longer the latest fad – that’s how quickly old trends get substituted by new ones. Those wishing to be cool now shoot wide-angle photos of newborn babies with a mug or a cup in front of it (so-called Baby Mugging) so that by means of depth effect it looks as if the baby is actually located inside the mug. It sounds way more complicated than it actually is, just take a look at the photos. 🙂


© Dave Rudolph


© littlechick91





I think it’s a pity that so many of these hilarious pictures were taken with smart phones and at poor light. With less noise (many of the pictures are way beyond my pain barrier) and more sharpness, these pictures would not only be hilarious, but also gorgeous to look at. It’s high time a professional attends to these trends, competently implements and eventually publishes them in a book. But please with timeline. 🙂




3 thoughts on “The latest Trends: Cat Beard and Baby Mugging

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