Funny Video: Adobe plays a prank on people at the bus stop with real-time photo editing


In order to call attention to Adobe’s Creative Day series of events, Adobe put a funny video online two days ago. Passersby were secretly photographed at a bus stop in Stockholm and edited in real-time by Photoshop-guru Erik Johansson. Erik as well as the photographer were situated in a delivery truck on the opposite side of the street. Instead of a commercial poster, a flat screen was installed and wirelessly connected to a computer on which the photos were thus edited. The Swedish photosphop magician “shopped” people into action-blockbuster posters, transformed them into caricatures or placed girls and boys on top of wedding cakes looking as if kissing each other.

At first, I wanted to write a blog article on NASA’s fascinating James Webb Space Telescope and on Hubble Ultra Deep Field Photo, but as it is a Friday, I thought I might as well shift down a gear and Adobe’s video seems just like the appropriate thing. Watch it by all means, it is highly recommended. 🙂

  1. That most have been a lot of fun. I recognize the setting, it is done in Sweden.


    1. Sure looks like it. You are from Sweden?


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