Catherine Balet: Strangers in the Light


We are living in a time characterised by a strong media current and “cheap memories”. I shoot more photos now than ever before, but especially valuable are the few pictures from my childhood days and family photos that came into being long before I was born, a time when it was still largely considered expensive and impracticable to shoot hundreds of snapshots. Digital technology enables us to capture and preserve virtually every important moment in our lives, but the decision of whether a moment is actually crucial could not be made by any digital camera in the world. It is this dilemma of whether trivial snapshots might dilute the really important ones in their sheer quantity that Catherina Balet thematised in her project „Strangers in the Light”.


© Catherine Balet

stranger02© Catherine Balet

Blaming technology for this condition, however, would be too short-sighted. It is us human beings that have not yet learned to adapt to the quick pace of technological progress of past decades. We probably sense an increased urge of taking more pictures nowadays, just because it practically doesn’t cost a thing, which on the other hand was a very expensive undertaking in earlier days. Maybe it just takes some time before our memories begin to fade away and the photos, in turn, take on greater significance for us. As the saying goes: Time will tell 🙂

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