Tip: Laura Zalenga’s 1001 Strangers


Admittedly, portraits of strangers in public spaces are old hat. I seem to recall seeing similar projects by users on the DSLR-forum years ago. What I particularly liked about the kwerfeldein-article on “1001 Strangers” were Laura’s (both in GER) thoughts on the project.stuttgart

 © Laura Zalenga


© Laura Zalenga

Don’t get me wrong, the photos are awesome, just not innovative. Too many other photographers tried to pull together similar projects. Looking at hundreds or thousand of pictures daily, like I do, you can’t help but suffer from a chronic feeling of satiety. I think even more intriguing than the pictures themselves is getting to know more about the photographer’s motivation, the practical execution (how do you address complete strangers?) and the selection of those being photographed. Being as shy as I am, I could never imagine doing something along those lines. In any case, the article (GER) has helped me understand how this works in practice. By all means a “must read” for aspiring pedestrian area voyeurs 😉

Kudos, Laura!

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