Sigma rewards loyalty with cash-back on Merrill cameras


Those of you who are in possession of an older Sigma camera can now save up to 400 Euros on the purchase of a Merrill. This cash-back promotion runs from February 22nd to June 2nd 2013 – the new camera has to be purchased within this timeframe – although it is possible to submit the required receipts up until June 10th.


Along with one’s personal information, retailer, serial number and the purchase date of the old as well as the new camera is needed. Moreover, scans of warranty card and receipt of the newly purchased Merrill need to be uploaded. Even though it might be too late for me, one or the other interested reader may rejoice over the fact of purchasing a DP Merrill €160/€240 off, or an SD1m €400 off. 😉

  1. […] of selling the 24-70 f2.8, which I hardly use anyway, and get a new Sigma DP3M. Thanks to the cashback on Merrills, my piggy bank wouldn’t have any objections, either. Especially the sample images are giving me a […]


  2. […] for the cash-back bank transfer, I am holding the DP3M in my hands and cheerfully taking photos. Only the weather, […]


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