When the sun smiles Aperture 8…


…or not 🙂 If the light is good, I am fine with any aperture. Even f2.8., the widest aperture of the DP2 Merrill. And why not, if the lens is already breathtakingly sharp and free of any optical flaws even at wide open aperture? Aperture 8 should only be used if more depth of field is needed.

UnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntArchitecture in Serbia still fascinates me. The mixture of old, partially renovated, partially run-down buildings and communist architecture from the 70s and 80s are not to be found elsewhere. The last picture, for instance, when I saw it for the very first time, I wasn’t completely sure whether it was a building or a space ship. It turned out that it was a cultural center. Now who would have thought that?

Architecture is, however, not the only thing that I am deliberately getting myself into lately. I have developed a habit of visiting restaurants with good traditional fare instead of fast-food chains whenever I am eating out.

UnbenanntUnbenanntSerbian bean soup in all its glory. ;) UnbenanntGratinated cheese.
UnbenanntBread rolls made with cornmeal, so-called “Proja”.

Unbenannt“Sopska Salata” with tons of ground cheese on top. Now that’s a salad according to my taste! Tastes scrumptious instead of like rabbit food. ;) UnbenanntUnbenanntAnd to cap it all off, Turkish coffee.

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