RRP of Sigma’s 30mm f1.4, 19mm f2.8 and 30mm f2.8 announced


When Sigma announced their new lenses for mFT, NEX and APS-C DSLRs and it became clear that they come in with a new, more high-grade design of the Art-series as well as with enhanced optical performance, concern started to spread in the world of forums. The beauty- and fitness treatment would have to affect the prices – or so it was speculated. But as so often lately, Sigma springs a surprise.


The RRP of the new lenses turns out equal or even slightly cheaper than the preceding models. The 30mm f1.4 will be sold for €599, the two EVIL-lenses 19mm f2.8 and 30mm f2.8 will be priced at €199, respectively. They will be made available by the end of this month. Only the 60mm f2.8 for mFT and NEX is still kept a secret by Sigma. To be honest, I think it’s amazing that Sigma succeeded in keeping the prices down, even though the lenses are still produced in Japan and look, image quality as well as quality control have been enhanced. The latter two are a promise on behalf of Sigma that cannot be validated at the moment, but the 35mm f1.4 shows that the Japanese mean business.

  1. Very informative, thank you.


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