A relaxed TIME-interview with Saul Leiter


Only now, seventy years after he shot his very first pictures, his work finally receives the due recognition on the part of photographic mainstream. And yet, Saul Leiter is not only pioneer, but also revolutionary.

Saul Leiter 1

© Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter 2Saul Leiter 3© Saul Leiter

William Eggleston has allegedly influenced the art circles into accepting colour photography; this took place almost a quartercentury after Saul Leiter took his first photo motifs in technicolour. Ever since the establishment of the genre, street photographers have tacitly agreed that photographs needed to be realistic and authentic, and that Bokeh per se is evil. Considering Saul Leiter’s street photography, it virtually brims over with colour and, thanks to Bokeh, almost razedout surfaces. An invigorating and easily digestible minimalism, which leaves you with a vivid feeling. This constitutes a stark contrast to the black and white, sharp and partly dismal visions of his colleagues. It is definitely worthwhile to have a closer look at the Interview and muse about Saul Leiter’s uncommon points of view.

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