Another interesting Kickstarter project: world tour with the large 1:1 IMAGO camera


The German artist, Susanna Kraus, daughter of the physicist Werner Kraus, would like to build a mobile version of a camera her father co-invented a long time ago. Thanks to 2m * 0,6m large instant film (similar to Polaroid) the so called IMAGO 1:1 is the only camera worldwide that can depict people in life-like size without a lab or a printer. This is what those XXL-pictures look like:



The way IMAGO works is similar to a conventional photo booth. You step into the 7 * 4 * 3m large camera, look into the mirror, choose your best pose (if you have one) and press the shutter release. Immediately thereafter the image is projected onto a 2 * 0,6m black-and-white paper by Ilford. Since the photographic process doesn’t involve negatives every shot is a one of a kind self-portrait.

Kamera IMAGO_Berlin_(c)Annegret Kohlmayer


In order to build the mobile follow-up of the camera created by Werner Kraus and his friend Erhard Hössle in the 70ies, Kraus tries to collect the necessary financial resources in the amount of €112,000 through Kickstarter. Should it work, the IMAGO “2GO” (I just come up with that…) will go on a journey around the world and take lots of beautiful and above all large shots.

And you? Have you pledged yet? ;)

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