Sigma DP3 Merrill: RRP, Previews and samples…


The 3rd edition of DP Merrill camera comes with an RRP of €1099, same as previous two versions. No surprises here. It seems like nothing has changed on the inside. The sensor has been there since the original SD1. The buffer itself seems to be larger. From available photo samples it looks like the lens is displaying similar characteristics to the DP2m’s 30mm f2.8, meaning very sharp, with nice bokeh.


Previews und First Impressions

“I was wrong–for the moment. I bashed the DP3 quite a bit in the initial news post; but it deserved to be played with. I walked away quite impressed with the DP3 and I may even be able to get used to shooting at 75mm. It’s a weird focal length though: too long to be normal and too short to be a proper portrait focal length in my opinion.

The build quality of the camera is what truly blew me away though; and that may also help to justify its high price tag.”

“It’s refreshing to see a camera so single-mindedly focused on still photography, but there’s definitely room for improvement.”

“My first impression of the DP3 was mixed. The camera I previewed was a pre-production unit, so some things might change. I was not able to really test image quality (which was a good thing because the lighting was less than ideal and would not have been a good representation of the camera’s abilities), but the samples I saw were very good. The auto focus was fast. The lens was a nice size and felt solid, although the focal length might be difficult to get used to. I prefer more physical buttons that allow me to change the shooting to manual or aperture without having to access the menu. I also question how comfortable the camera would be to hold since a grip was non-existent. But, none of these things are deal breakers if the image quality is amazing. Time will tell and I can’t wait to get the DP3 in my hands for a full review.”

“The latest model, the DP3 Merrill, shows just how far those changes have brought the cameras, with even this early sample focusing quickly and showing a level of responsiveness that the originals lacked.

Write times were still fairly lengthy (it’s unknown what type of card this unit was using), but the sense of having to wait for the camera is gone. The 75mm equivalent F2.8 lens is a slightly odd choice but it’s an effective focal length that many APS-C users are familiar with, offering some degree of flexibility while also being well-suited to portraiture. Some quick shots of other interested users on the show floor suggests the DP3 will give the familiar Foveon level of detail with a good degree of background separation. Beyond that, we wouldn’t want to speculate until we’ve had a chance to shoot with a finished sample.”

Here it is rather unclear what mean by “originals” – whether it’s the first DP1 and 2 or the Merrills.


Offizielle Beispielbilder auf

Minami auf Flickr


Trên tay Sigma DP3 – unfortunately, in some Asian language, but you can still see how fast the focus  works and how quickly the camera processes data.

As soon as I find more info – particularly reviews and samples – I will post an update.

Stay tuned. ;)

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