Visiting the marketplace in Zemun with the Sigma DP2 Merrill


I was at the Zemun marketplace today to get some food for the following days. You can find everything there ― from smoked carp to pumpkin pie; two of my co-workers joked that you can even find bird milk there – but most importantly, at least for me, it provides endless opportunities for pictures. So I grabbed my wallet, my Sigma DP2 Merrill and off we go.


Here you can see 100% excerpt from the image above, without sharpening (go ahead and click on it to see full size…too large for the blog). Holy Moley! I have no idea what kind of magical glass Sigma use for DP2 30mm f 2.8 lenses, but the sharpness is simply amazing, even at wide open aperture.

100% Ausschnitt / 100% CropWhere cats are, dogs are not too far behind.

UnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntWhat doesn’t fit is made to fit…
UnbenanntCruising in your “Yugo” makes way more fun if there‘s someone you can share the experience with.
UnbenanntBut don’t drive too fast, Putin is watching you…
UnbenanntOther curiosities…
UnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntUnbenanntI hope you enjoyed it. You can find more DP2m shots on Pinterest or in my Flickr Set. :)

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