Sigma announces 4 new lenses at CP+ 2013!


After all those Sigma news (35 f1,4, 17-70 f2,8-4, 120-300 f2,8, DP3 Merrill, etc.) in the recent months, I assumed that the Bandai lenses and cameras manufacturer is going to take it easy for a while. Boy was I wrong! The Japanese had many more surprise in store at this year’s CP+. Three new lenses for the Sony NEX and mFT mounts as well as one for APS-C DSLR cameras have been announced during today’s Japanese C&P Imaging Show.

feature01_main_img (1)

NEX and mFT lenses are new editions of the 19mm f2,8 and 30mm f2,8 fixed focal length lenses, known for their excellent price/performance ratios. Apart from the new finish, optical designs were revised in order to ensure even better image quality. Current models provide superb image quality and according to many are the sharpest lenses for NEX cameras. Definitely worth considering.



Latest addition to Sigma’s series of mirrorless glass is the 60mm f2,8 lens. With its “effective” focal length of 90mm (NEX) or 120mm (mFT) respectively, this lens could prove to be very interesting for portrait photographers.


DSLR users won’t go home empty-handed either. The well-known 30mm f1,4 will get a makeover – meaning, new finish worthy of the A-series badge and enhanced optical performance.


It’s getting very exciting in the Sigma world. I’m really curious about the pricing of all four lenses. ;)

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