I need a new tripod!


If my latest photo tours with the ultra-wide-angle lens have taught me anything, it is that working without a proper tripod can be a major pain. I’m currently using a Cullmann Primax 190, allegedly „Made in Germany“, however in use it doesn’t feel like that at all.


Don’t get me wrong, it is solid and heavy, but what’s the point if its construction leaves a lot to be desired? It happened to me at least a half a dozen times that the screw with which you screw the camera onto the tripod plate (plastic one) loosened up a bit, so that the camera wasn’t mounted straight anymore. Using an ultra-wide, you can see the result immediately in the viewfinder; the horizon remains skewed, no matter what you do. Every time this happened it took me ages to figure out that the screw was the root cause. In a case like this the first thing you check are the legs. And although the legs on the Cullmann cannot be adjusted laterally separately, you check them out anyway.

As I’ve said before, the tripod is heavy, but somehow still unsteady. At this time of the year the weather on the banks of the Danube River in Belgrade is always windy. And whenever the wind blows, I can feel the tripod slightly wobbling. This shouldn’t happen. Being a curious person, I decided to take a closer look at some parts in particular. The legs are made of metal and they are sturdy. The center column, which is connected to the head, seems to be the real issue― although it is also made of metal, it is far too small for the tube.

What I don‘t like about Cullmann is its weight – however, it wouldn’t be a big deal if the tripod itself was rock solid. Other things are plastic coating on some key spots and few other imperfections.

Could you recommend a good tripod, please? :-)

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