Long exposure and zoom in effect with the Sigma 10-20 f3.5


Today, once again, I have been taking pictures with the ultra-wide-angle lens. This time I decided to put the so called “zoom in effect” (what a funny word, actually) suitability of the Sigma UWW to the test.


The zoom in effect works like this: (clearly) exposure has to be sufficiently long, so that there is enough time to turn the zoom ring. I usually spend ¾ of time exposing like I would with any other type of picture, during the last ¼ of exposure, I smoothly and consistently turn the zoom ring; you can do it in both directions. In case of Sigma 10-20 f3.5 you can either begin with the focal length of 20mm and then zoom out, or you can begin with the 10mm setting and then zoom in.

Here you can see a sample taken with the initial focal length of 10mm and the zoom in. The total exposure time was 4 seconds and I turned the zoom ring in the very last second:UnbenanntThis sample was taken with the initial focal length of 20mm. The total exposure time in this case was 8 seconds and the zoom out was carried out during the remaining 2 seconds:UnbenanntFurther examples:
Unbenannt Unbenannt And here some samples of the long exposure photography:
Unbenannt Unbenannt UnbenanntSDIM1283 Unbenannt
I hope you like the pictures. :)

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