In Search of inspiration: Frieke Janssens “Smoking Kids”


Whether cowboys, musicians or go-getters, in Hollywood productions it is common to present such cool dudes with a cigarette in their mouth. I couldn’t tell what was actually cooler ― smoking or “the dude” ― until I saw Frieke Janssens’ project “Smoking Kid

Ringlings© Frieke Janssens

As a matter of fact there is nothing cool about smoking when you see pictures of kids doing it, and eventually everything starts to make sense. Although I am a person, who normally has nothing against peoples choices of harming themselves if that’s what they want, but in this particular case I think it is simply disgusting and unsettling. Unfortunately small children aren’t sufficiently mature to make the right decision on their own. Maybe this is exactly what makes those photos so disturbing. We associate children with innocence, possibilities and potential (they have their entire life ahead of them), and smoking stands for something evil that can endanger all of this.

A very interesting and thought-provoking project.

Fag ash LillSelf madeNo lighter

© Frieke Janssens

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